Though it will be brief, there is finally a relief in sight! The ridge of high pressure will shift westward allowing for temperatures to return to near average over the weekend.

Temperature Contour

I did say it will be brief… the high pressure will move overhead next week bringing a heat wave back to the region.

Temperature Forecast Graph

The National Weather Service recommends taking the following precautions to prevent injuries and illness during periods of extreme heat:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Limit outdoor activities
  • Wear lightweight and light-colored clothing
  • Wear sunscreen
  • Work outdoors early or very late in the day when temperatures are cooler

It is important to remember that vehicles can heat quickly once the air conditioning is turned off. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encourages people to “look before you lock” to prevent heatstroke in children and pets.

Heat Exhaustion Vs Heat Stroke


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