CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The real estate market has been hot for several years but it’s not exactly a seller’s market everywhere. You can still earn money from even the tiniest piece of real estate even with interest rates going up by temporarily renting out your space using smartphone apps. We’re not talking about Airbnb, we’re not even talking about houses necessarily. If you have an empty driveway, fenced-in backyard, or a swimming pool, you too can become a landlord of sorts.

Swimply matches people who have swimming pools with people who want a swimming pool. If you’ve got a pool you wouldn’t mind someone else swimming in, you can list it in Swimply and name your price. Pool owners list their oasis which shows up on a map for potential renters based on their location or where they plan to be. Swimming pools large and small are available by the hour. Prices range from about $30 to several hundred. Many pool owners rent their space out for people throwing intimate dinner parties, photo shoots, a family pool day, or just for a work-from-home parent who wants a change of scenery. I spoke to one Swimply renter last summer who told me the money they make each month pays about half of their mortgage. She said her experience has been good and the people who had rented her pool have cleaned up after themselves. She said her pool stays rented whenever she and her husband list it.

People with empty lots and driveways use the app “Neighbor” to rent the space for anyone needing to store something for a few days or a couple of months. Most have strict restrictions on what you can store on the property. People use Neighbor to rent out space for self-storage, cars, boats, and RVs. You can even rent a closet in a home for about $14 a month or attic space for $36. Rentals on Neighbor offer low prices for the first day but the second day can cost considerably more so pay attention to the details. Neighbor is simple to use and is also run by the folks at Swimply.

The company has also started allowing users to list their tennis courts, home gyms, and studios. The company takes a percentage of the rental fee.

And if all you have is a fenced-in backyard, there’s extra money in renting it out for dogs. Sniffspot is like Airbnb for dogs who want to run and play for an hour or so. The space just needs to be safe for off-leash play. I found some listings to have a very modest .25 acres whereas others are 15 acres or more. Pay close attention to the detailed description and reviews as some locations are not completely fenced in. Users have also noted that the space they rented allowed for dogs owned by neighbors to come inside their space. Sniffspot says some of its personal dog park renters are making as much as $2,000 a month.

So, how safe are these? Swimply, Neighbor, and Sniffspot offer renters liability insurance and insurance to cover any property damage left behind by the temporary tenants.

You can rent and lease space on all of these services both in the apps and online.

What do you think? Would you rent someone’s swimming pool, attic, or backyard? Would you rent out yours?



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