CHARLOTTE, N.C. — It’s not often Facebook that makes a change that most people like. But the social network surprised many people in recent days when it added a new row of tabs in the Facebook smartphone apps. The new row is something Facebook users have wanted for years and it will totally change not only how you view friends’ posts but whose posts you’ll see.

People generally dislike Facebook’s algorithm that shows you things it thinks you want to see but there hasn’t been an easy way to ignore it. And if you have thousands of Facebook friends, a huge complaint is never seeing posts from all of them. That changes with this update.

Facebook has added a new “feeds” option at the top of your Facebook home page. Choose, “recent”, and you’ll see a chronological feed of posts from all of your friends, groups, and pages you follow. You might see posts from friends you forgot you’re friends with. There are two other tabs. “Your Feed” is suggested posts from Facebook based on things and people you interact with the most. And a “Favorites” feed to see only posts from friends you’ve added to your Favorites list.

If you don’t remember creating a Favorites list or if you want to change the list, a toggle allows you to manage your favorites list by adding or deleting friends (you won’t unfollow or unfriend someone by removing their name from your list, they just won’t show up when you choose the Favorites tab.

You can only have 30 favorite friends, groups, and pages on the list.

If you’ve been on Facebook quite a while and you’ve liked a lot of pages, the chronological feed is likely going to be filled with posts from those pages. Local “shopping” or “trading” groups are notorious for this because they allow all users to post to their group or page. When I chose “recent”, there were hundreds of posts from groups crowding out recent posts from my friends. If you want to see less from those pages and more posts from friends, you may want to go back and unlike some of those pages, or leave a group you’re no longer interested in.

After trying it out, I saw posts from friends I hadn’t seen on Facebook in years, and posts from friends I didn’t know were still active Facebook posters.

If you don’t see the new feeds option at the top of the page, update to the latest version of Facebook. Facebook generally rolls out new features so it won’t be available to everyone right away so watch for the next Facebook app update.

Finally, Facebook listened to its users who want to see more friends and less of what Facebook thinks they want to see.



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