City Council will make the ultimate decision whether or not a rezoning is approved.

Mark and Maria Dietz say they love the peace and quiet behind their home, tucked away off North Tryon Street, near Newell.

“They’re showing many houses that are going to be really close to each other, and I’m just worried that we’re going to be looking into our neighbors’ dining room for, you know, for ever,” says Mark Dietz.

Their kids play in the backyard, and they can see the woods from their back deck.

But they’re worried it will go away if the rezoning is approved.

“Why can’t there be less greed? Why (can we) not just build houses but also save more trees?” asks Maria Dietz.

A public hearing is expected next month. A vote could come as soon as October.

WCCB Charlotte reached out to the rezoning petitioner, a representative from the parent company of Ryan Homes, but did not hear back.


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