CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Neighbors are speaking out against a plan to expand a South Charlotte apartment complex.

A developer wants to tear down a potion of the existing complex at Legacy Arboretum to add 300 new units, for total of close to 500.

The complex is located along busy Highway 51, directly across the street from Providence High School.

Neighbors are worried about traffic and are also concerned about a requirement that would add an entrance to the complex at Hugh Forest Road.

Council members are being forced to decide between two competing interests.

“This is one where – can we be thoughtful and can we have a perspective that we’re trying to do this to benefit everyone – not just one,” says South Charlotte resident Kurt Bock.

Monday night, developers told council they are willing to reduce the height of one of the new apartment buildings from four stories to three.

A vote could come as soon as next month.


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