ROWAN COUNTY – A 22-year-old man was charged after letting off numerous shots at officers on Tuesday, July 26th.

Deputies with the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office were completing an investigation on a teen suspected of breaking into residential properties when 22-year-old Michael Brown fired numerous shots from a red Honda. 

Michael Anthony Brown

Michael Anthony Brown

Brown then attempted to flee the scene. Two firefighters on the scene informed law enforcement of the vehicle details. Police followed the suspect down Gold Knob Road before losing sight of the vehicle near side roads. With the help of several local law enforcement teams, Brown was rediscovered near Highway 52.

Deputies made a felony stop and took Brown into custody without incident. 

Brown advised that he was shooting into the ground and not officers on the scenes as he drove down Gold Knob Road. 

Police found two firearms in the passenger vehicle with numerous empty and live rounds strewn throughout the vehicle.

Brown was charged with the following charges: 

Four counts of felony assault on law enforcement with a firearm 

 The investigation will continue with the possibility of additional charges.  


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