SALISBURY, N.C. — A robbery suspect riding a bicycle was struck by a Salisbury Police Department car during a police chase.

On Saturday, officers were called to a Walmart near Arlington Street for a report of shoplifting. When two officers arrived at the Walmart, Joshua Goodman, 45, rode off on a bicycle.

One police officer followed on foot, while Officer C.L. Debonis followed Goodman in a police vehicle.

Goodman then went across a grassy field near the Walmart. Officer Debonis hit a small embankment and lost traction, hitting Goodman with the police car.

Joshua Goodman had non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to Novant Health Rowan Medical Center for medical attention.

Officer Debonis went through a drug and alcohol screening, as is standard policy when an officer is involved in an accident.

The North Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the incident. Salisbury Police are completing an internal review to confirm that no policy violations happened.

Our prayers are certainly with Mr. Goodman today after this morning’s incident,” said Salisbury Police Chief Jerry Stokes, “and [we] wish him a swift recovery. We also uplift Officer Debonis as she is evaluated at our local hospital. While State Highway Patrol thoroughly investigates this situation, we too will make sure that our proper procedures were applied during the chase by both officers.

The dashcam in the police car was inactive during the incident; however, both officers’ body cameras were rolling. Officer Debonis has been employed by the Salisbury Police Department since 2018.


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