CHARLOTTE, N.C. – City Council deferred a rezoning vote on Monday night for a possible Chick-Fil-A and Starbucks in Grier Heights.

Some neighbors welcome new jobs and business, while others worry about gentrification.

The businesses would be added in a Food Lion parking lot on Wendover Road.

While some in the community oppose the plan, others say they’re excited.

Supporters tout the opportunity to bring in new business, more jobs, and more food options.

“I feel like that will bring more business over here. I should expect to see this parking lot full,” says Grier Heights resident Kiara Foster.

Opponents worry about gentrification and the possibility of low-income people being pushed out of the neighborhood.

“For some people who want the neighborhood to get better, it can help. But for other people who are low-income, yeah, it will run them out,” says Grier Heights resident Victor Short.

At the same time, there’s a push to make sure business thrives in the shopping center, so the area doesn’t lose its only grocery store.

City Council is now set to vote on the rezoning at its August 15th meeting.

City staff has recommended approving the project, while the Zoning Committee voted 5-1 in opposition.


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