CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Frustrations are boiling over within the ranks of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

Officers and now Chief Johnny Jennings are speaking out about low bonds being set for suspects accused of shooting at officers.

Chief Jennings addressed the issue on Wednesday in a video to rank and file officers, pledging to do something about the issue.

“Something’s definitely wrong with the system,” Jennings says in the video.

32-year-old Toddrick McFadden is accused of firing into the Blind Pig bar in NoDa early Tuesday morning.

During the investigation, more shots were fired, and an officer was hit in the leg.

Wednesday, Chief Jennings decried the $170,000 bond set for the suspect, saying McFadden can get out of jail by paying only 10 percent, or $17,000.

“Now I may be missing something, but your lives are worth a whole lot more than $17,000 to let someone back out on the streets,” Jennings says in the video.

This is the third incident in a week where CMPD officers have faced gunfire.

“It is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous,” says Daniel Redford, president of the Charlotte Fraternal Order of Police.

“When you question the judicial officials about it, they refer to law. But the law doesn’t say that bonds need be extremely low, they just say they need to be reasonable,” Redford says.

The group also points to a case in March when 26-year-old Tyler Drew bonded out less than 24 hours after being accused of firing at police officers.

“To the officers, it shows that our court system and our judicial officials, they would rather push their agenda and have people feel good about them than actually following the law and doing their job,” Redford says.

In his video to officers, Chief Jennings goes on to say he plans to address this issue with the Magistrate’s Office, saying he stands with officers and plans to use his platform to continue talking about the issue.

What Chief Jennings’ full video below:


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