CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte-based turned national nonprofit Socialserve will continue focus on housing services under the new name Housing Collaborative after rebranding.

This rebrand includes a new website: housingcollab.org and name the clarifies the groups dedication to housing services and lets property providers know how they can directly impact that affordable housing market.

“The name Housing Collaborative puts our vision front and center, announcing to all that we are here to help everyone find a path home,” said Tara Peele, President and CEO of the organization. “Over the last two years, we helped over 600 households experiencing homelessness to secure rental homes and collaborated with DreamKey Partners, Mecklenburg County, and the City of Charlotte to distribute $105 million in financial assistance to help over 15,000 households retain housing. In 2022 we hope to recruit 100 new property provider partners and increase fundraising efforts to remove even more financial barriers for tenants.”

Officials say the rebrand encompasses the nonprofit’s duality of services: Housing Collaborative’s national housing support center yields expertise through second chance employees, who offer help with landlord recruitment, tenant relocation, housing inspection coordination, quick turn hotline assistance for housing programs, and more.

Alongside these offerings for housing authorities and housing finance agencies across the country, Housing Collaborative also facilitates housing location services for people with rental subsidies, and those who are experiencing or at-risk of homelessness, through its HousingCLT program, according to a news release.

“We launched HousingCLT in 2017 to simplify the process of participating in tenant assistance programs for housing providers, and to streamline access to available housing for services providers and tenants,” said Harry Mack, Director of Housing Partnerships at Housing Collaborative. “The rebrand supports the expansion of our hands on housing placement and landlord services to help those in need throughout Mecklenburg County and beyond.”

As a strong advocate for affordable housing and supporter of Housing Collaborative, Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles says, “Landlords play a crucial role in affordable housing for our city and can have positive impacts on families, neighborhoods, and our entire community by providing housing to people with rental subsidies. By partnering with the Housing Collaborative, a property provider can have a simple, efficient way to help house people who simply need a second chance.”

“United Way is proud to partner with Housing Collaborative as a responsive and critical partner in Charlotte’s effort to end homelessness,” said United Way President & CEO Laura Yates Clark. “Housing Collaborative streamlines access to housing and allows other partners to focus on providing critical wrap-around services to help individuals and families retain housing. This work is key to achieving the priorities outlined in A Home for All: Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Homelessness and Housing Strategy Framework.”

To learn more about Housing Collaborative and their work visit www.housingcollab.org.


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