Photo credit: Guinness World Records

MINNESOTA — Diana Armstrong broke two Guinness World Records for having the longest fingernails. Armstrong’s nails have a combined length of 42 feet 10.4 inches. In an interview, Armstrong says she has been growing her nails for more than 25 years.

She hasn’t cut her nails since her 16-year-old daughter died in 1997 from an asthma attack. Armstrong says her daughter was the last person to cut her nails. Armstrong says she battled depression for a decade and grew her nails out as a way to keep her late daughter in her thoughts.

Painting Armstrong’s nails takes up to 20 bottles of nail polish and a woodworking tool for filing, according to a press release. Armstrong is restricted in what she is able to do with her hands so she says she relies on her family and her feet to do things like pick up clothes off the floor and open the refrigerator. Armstrong is also unable to drive due to her nails.

She has no intention on cutting her nails and says she wouldn’t even take $100,000 if offered to cut them. Once awarded with the certificate from Guinness World Records, Armstrong says, “I think she (her daughter) would be proud of me because she’s the last one who did my nails.”



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