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Juul has asked a federal court to block a government order to stop selling its electronic cigarettes.

The company on Friday asked the court to put on hold what it calls an “extraordinary and unlawful action” by the Food and Drug Administration.

The company filed an emergency motion with the U.S. Court of Appeals in Washington as it prepares to appeal the FDA’s decision.

The agency said Thursday that Juul must stop selling its vaping device and its cartridges.

The FDA said Juul didn’t give it enough information to evaluate the potential health risks of its e-cigarettes.

In its filing, the company disagreed.

Original Story (6/23/22):

WASHINGTON (AP) — Health officials have ordered vaping company Juul to pull its electronic cigarettes from the U.S. market.

It’s the biggest blow yet to the embattled company that is widely blamed for sparking a surge in teen vaping.

The announcement Thursday by the Food and Drug Administration is part of a sweeping regulatory review of e-cigarettes, which faced little regulation until recently.

Since last fall, the FDA has greenlighted a few e-cigarettes that account for a tiny share of the vaping market.

To stay on the market, manufacturers must show their products help reduce the harm of smoking for adults, without appealing to kids.


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