AM Headlines

  • Muggy 4th of July w/ PM Sct Storms
  • Patchy AM Fog each AM this week
  • Heating up late week, PM storms continue
  • A strong cold front late weekend breaks the sticky, unsettled pattern


It is going to be another hot, sticky day for all the 4th of July celebrations across the area. A boundary hangs across the region this morning keeping things warm and muggy start of the day. Some patchy fog will be likely, and this will be a trend we will see through the week. This boundary will lead to afternoon scattered showers and thunderstorms that will last through the early evening. Could see some delays to fireworks tonight, but the whole day won’t be a total washout with highs reaching the upper 80s. High pressure builds back in this week as that boundary gradually decays. This will lead to a typical summertime pattern of hot and steamy afternoons and hit or miss afternoon and evening storms. Highs will climb into the mid-90s by mid to late week. A stronger front will move in this weekend, finally ending this stagnant pattern with cooler temps by Sunday.

Tropics Update

Bonnie is now a hurricane in the Eastern Pacific. This storm traveled over Nicaragua ~200 miles without losing its circulation. The World Meteorological Society decided in 2001 that any storm that crosses basin to basin will keep the original name. This is only the second storm to pass from the Atlantic Basin to the Pacific since 2000.  The other was Otto in 2016, which also crossed over Nicaragua into the Pacific basin.

Colin has dissipated after forming quickly off the SC coast earlier in the weekend.

No tropical activity in the Atlantic over the next 5 days.

Fun Fact

The earth is furthest from the sun today — also called Aphelion. It is 94,510,00 miles away. It appears 3% smaller in the sky than during Panphelion in January.


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