GASTONIA, N.C. — July 28, 2022: A Gaston County judge has ordered the release of police body camera video of the arrest of a disabled Army Veteran.  Joshua Rohrer pushed for the release of the video following his arrest last October by Gastonia Police.  During that arrest, Rohrer says he was assaulted by officers.  One of them tased the veteran’s service dog, Sunshine.  The dog died three days later after being hit by a car.  In court Wednesday, attorneys for Gastonia Police argued against the release of certain sections of the video, saying they were unrelated to the arrest.  But, the judge ordered the video, in its entirety, as well as video of an October 9th encounter with police, to be released.

Rohrer thanked the community for supporting him.  He says he wants the officers involved in his arrest to face charges.


GASTONIA, N.C. – July 20, 2022: The City of Gastonia Police Department and the Gaston County District Attorney’s Office have filed a petition for the release of Officer Taylor and Officer Cierra Brooks’ encounters with Mr. Joshua Rohrer on October 9 and October 13, 2021.

Police say that although Rohrer has a petition pending, and despite several allegations in Rohrer’s petition that Officer Maurice Taylor treated him improperly on October 9, 2021, Rohrer and his attorney refused to consent to the release of the October 9 recordings.

In the interest of full transparency and to expedite the release of these law enforcement recordings, the City of Gastonia and the District Attorney filed their petition today seeking an emergency hearing.


Original Story July 19, 2021

GASTONIA, N.C. — Protestors are demanding that Gastonia Police release body cam video of their arrest of a disabled veteran.  Officers arrested Joshua Rohrer last year and charged him with panhandling.

Officers also tased his service dog, Sunshine, during the arrest.  While Rohrer was behind bars, Sunshine was hit and killed by a car.  The district attorney has dropped all charges against Rohrer.

Rohrer was at the protest and he wants the officers involved in his arrest fired.  He also says releasing the body cam video will help clear his name.


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