CHARLOTTE, N.C. –Work weeks can be pretty hectic. Sometimes we find ourselves begging for Friday as early as Sunday night. What if we stopped living for the weekends? What if we made our midweek so magical, fun, and exciting that Friday was just another day.

There’s this feeling that comes along with Friday. It’s excitement and anticipation, most of the time if you work a 9-5 that excitement is because the weekend is approaching. Maybe you’ve got a girl’s night or just a cozy night in. Either way, stop waiting till the end of the week to treat yourself with enjoyment. 

Imagine having a special night planned in the middle of the week. When your beginning week energy starts to decline, there’s a pick-me-up waiting for you. 

What do you say?

Here’s to enjoying WednesYAY! 

This first one is a personal favorite, I think many would agree.

Host a Lady’s night on Wine Wednesday.

A bottle of wine is great but a few bottles are better. Call up your gals and have each one bring their favorite wine. Explore the different flavor palettes and profiles of your friend’s selections, and most importantly, expand your wine choices. 

Cook a special dinner 

If you’re a foodie and get antsy about your reservations for  Friday night, scrap your table, and cook at the house. Look for a new recipe to add to your repertoire and get your ingredients during your Sunday shopping. I know, I know,  getting off at 5 means you’ve only got a few hours before it’s back to bed and back in the office, how could you ever have time to prep and cook? At the beginning of the week, take some time to slice and dice your ingredients. Marinate your meats for locked-in flavor and sprinkle a little lemon juice on your chopped veggies for freshness. 

Make Wednesday a book night

In the technical era we live in, we spend way too much time on social media. You know that feeling, in your frontal lobe when you’ve overworked your brain, it’s such a pain. Sensory overload happens to the best of us and what’s even worse is that most of us go home only hop right back on our devices to decompress. Let the technology go, just for a few hours. We may not realize it, but our attention spans have significantly decreased. We spend so much time scanning and skimming screens and multi-tasking that the ability to focus on one thing for an extended amount of time feels impossible. 

By reading a book you’re exercising your brain in a healthy manner. You won’t have blue light throwing off your circadian rhythm or nonsense internet videos to distract you. Enjoy a sweet escape from reality the old fashion way. *pair with a glass of wine for added relaxation.

Switch up your style + wardrobe

Spruce your work attire. When you look good, you feel good. Take some extra time Wednesday morning for self-care and styling. The best part is you don’t have to go out a spend any money. Think about the number of clothes you have and how many combinations of clothing you missed. Challenge yourself to put on your Wednesday’s best by matching clothing items you’ve never put together.

Self Care day

Have you reached the “bun” phase at work? Fellas, have you let the beard grow wild? Take some time Tuesday night or maybe even Wednesday morning to freshen up. There is nothing better than freshly washed hair and a neatly shaped beard to go along with a great outfit.

Having a routine that entails self-care, solitude, social time, and hearty meals can bring balance and an appreciation for the simple things in the middle of that dragging work week. Don’t limit yourself to having only one favorite weekday!


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