CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Warner Brothers will no longer release the Batgirl film. The studio says it has scrapped the film adaptation of the DC Comics character that was set to release on HBO Max. The decision comes as new leadership at Warner Brothers decided to cut back on feature films premiering on the streaming service and focus on theater releases. The studio spent $90 million on production for the film.

Plus, Days Inn by Wyndham has a new way to sweet talk its guests. The hotel chain is placing talking pillows in select hotels across the country, voiced by Seinfeld star Patrick Warburton. When you push a button on the corner of the bright yellow pillows, you hear the actor give you a compliment.

And, Monica Lewinsky is asking Beyoncé to remove a lyric about her from a song released nearly a decade ago. The former White House intern responded to reports about Beyoncé removing the word “spaz” from her new song Heated with a tweet that said, “Uhmm, while we’re at it… #Partition.”

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