CHARLOTTE, N.C. – It may not be fall yet, but some candy makers are already thinking about spooky season. Hershey says it won’t be able to make enough candy to fully meet Halloween demand this year. One issue is the company says people started buying more sweets during the pandemic and it hasn’t slowed down. Hershey’s CEO says they can either keep stores stocked with regular sweets or ramp up holiday production. Regular sweets won out.

Plus, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is coming in hot! Cinnafuego Toast Crunch will be here in August. The limited-edition cereal takes the cinnamon and sugar combo we all know and love, and ups the ante with hot peppers!

And, after pledging to move forward with a video focus, Instagram’s chief now says the company will take a big step back and regroup. This, after the app’s been criticized heavily all week for trying to be more like TikTok.

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