CHARLOTTE, N.C. – One big spender now has the chance to name a dinosaur. A 77 million-year-old Gorgosaurus sold at auction Thursday for $6M, and it’s new owner has the unique opportunity to name it. Some suggested names for the dinosaur: Gordon or George the Gorgosaurus. The 22-foot-tall dino was found in Montana in 2018. The dino is the only specimen of its kind offered for private ownership, which some scientists consider problematic for scientific study.

Plus, at 170 carats, this may be the largest pink diamond found in nearly three centuries. Named the Lulo Rose, the diamond was found at the Lulo Diamond Mine in Angola in Africa. Only one in 10,000 diamonds have color.

And, it doesn’t look like Instagram users are happy with the platform’s recent changes. Monday, a photographer shared a post calling to “make Instagram Instagram again.” The post has gained more than two million likes and has been shared by celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Instagram has recently focused on videos to compete with TikTok.

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