CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Get paid to go on dream beach vacations. Hotels.com is looking to hire a Retro Beach Motelier. The gig involves visiting the website’s ten best retro beach motels across America. The winner will be given a Polaroid camera and other vintage accessories to document the trip. You’ll get a $10,000 stipend to cover expenses, and then another $5,000 for your salary. You have until Friday to apply.

Plus, cat lovers, listen up. You can try cat food-inspired cuisine at Fancy Feast’s new pop-up Italian restaurant in New York City. It’s called Gatto Bianco, which means “white cat.” The human-friendly dishes feature options like “beef ragu recipe with tomatoes and pasta in a savory sauce.”

And, Beyoncé is changing the lyrics of one of her newest songs, after facing online backlash over what disability campaigners say is an ableist slur. The singer used the word “spaz” in her song Heated released last week. The word is often used conversationally to describe “freaking out” or “going crazy,” but it comes from the word “spastic,” which is considered demeaning to people with spastic cerebral palsy, who have a hard time controlling their muscles. A rep for Beyoncé says the word wasn’t used intentionally in a harmful way.

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