Fans React To Deshaun Watson’s Six-Game Suspension

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Outrage boiling over in response to Deshaun Watson’s arguably short suspension from the NFL. A judge ruled Monday the Cleveland Browns quarterback be suspended for six games this season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. Watson was accused of sexual assault and harassment by dozens of women. He repeatedly denied the claims.

The NFL could still extend the suspension, but as of now the official suspension is just six games. The Browns head coach responded to the ruling, after being asked if Watson’s demeanor had changed following the announcement. Coach Kevin Stefanski says, “Obviously I know with this decision that there’s a lot of questions that everybody has, and I think in due time to Deshaun certainly will will address those questions. But I think where we are in the process that will happen, but not to your question…no, I didn’t notice any difference.”

Either side can make an appeal on the suspension to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell within the next few days, but the league’s Player Association and Watson released a joint statement saying they would not do so.

Some fans are angry over the ruling, saying Watson should be suspended for longer. One person tweeted in response to the news, “The NFL is a joke.” Another person comparing Watson’s situation to punishments for other players, saying “Calvin Ridley was suspended longer for betting his own money on his own team to win.”

Our question of the night: should Deshaun Watson have been suspended for longer?

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