CHARLOTTE, N.C. — With the hottest time of the year upon us and fires raging across the country, Coors Banquet is making sure that for every beer sold, support goes to the heroes in yellow who run toward the flames.

Officials say the new initiative called “Protect Our Protectors” officially kicks off on Thursday, August 4th.

While wildfire season only increases, officials say fire departments across the country are experiencing staggering staffing shortages.

In some fire-prone regions, including California, Oregon and Washington, the Forest Service is reporting staffing levels as low as 50 percent.

Because of this, Coors Banquet is releasing Protect Our Protectors packaging with proceeds going to the Wildland Firefighter Foundation and other fire organizations nationwide.

Coors Banquet is also partnering with California-based apparel bran Brixton to create a limited Protect Our Protectors capsule collection available later this month on shop.coors.com, whose proceeds will go to firefighter initiatives across the country.

Officials say supporters can make a direct donation by visiting www.protectourprotectors.com.


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