CHARLOTTE, N.C  – Charlotte is full of fascinating foods, as it’s become a hub for its dining options. Here are the top 7 yummy oddities being eaten around Charlotte. Ready to expand your taste palate?

Coming in at number one is, Squid ink pasta from Pasta Provisions

Yep, actual squid ink is what gives the pasta its gorgeous black color, it also gives it an amazing flavor. Squid ink pasta has a rich and briny flavor with a faint hint of sea saltiness. This makes pairing it with seafood an amazing combination.

2. Pork belly watermelon tacos. The pairing of crispy, tender, and salty pork belly with watermelon makes for a luscious bite.

3. Butterfly Pea Tea latte or as Marie Patisserie likes to call it, the “Blue Matcha”. This naturally colored drink is rich in antioxidants!

4. A personal Favorite!  So fresh, So crisp, So SPICY.

5.  These crispy and flavorful chips pack a punch! Made with fresh homemade pimento corn 🌽🧀cheese dip, this dish at Seoul makes sure to take care of your munchies!

6. The bloody marys of all bloody marys… Moo  &Brew’s Large Marge. This hefty drink includes a combination of Tito’s vodka, fresh spiced tomato juice, and angus slider with cheese, jalepeño firecracker, midwest cheese curds, fried banana peppers, carrot celery, green olives, and peppered applewood bacon. The monstrous mary is served with a highlife shorty to wash it all down!

7. One of the best sellers at Its Poppin Gourmet Kettle Korn… the infamous Fried Chicken Popcorn.

Make your rounds to these wonderful places and check them off as you go!

While there are only seven oddities on this list, each food establishment that houses these yummies bites has a plethora of options for everyone to try. Explore the menus and expand your taste buds! Happy Eating!

Author: Dee Michel



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